Sepaya hotsprings

Semliki National park is situated in the extreme west of Uganda in Bundibugyo. The park lies along the Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border inside the western arm of the Rift valley and it covers an area of 220 sq km and covers an eastern extension of the enormous Ituri Forest. It forms part of the forest range during the climatic upheavals of the Pleistocene, and is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa most especially birds.

It has got great scenery made up of hot springs, tropical forests, Semuliki river meanders with many other ideal attractions. At ‘Mungu Ni Mukubwa’ while in the mountains, the road offers an amazing scenic view of the meandering Semuliki River, fuming hot springs and the tropical rain forests extending up to Ituri forest in DRC. Two Hot springs located in an area of hot mineral encrusted swampland is rich in insects, visible birds, and mammalian life. These two meters jet of hot water (130oC) and a pool (12 m diameter) of oozing boiling water (106oC) can boil food especially eggs in the natural boiler within only ten minutes.

Day 1: Head to Semliki Wildlife Reserve and a Night Drive
Early in the morning have breakfast and transfer to Semliki wildlife Reserve where the journey will take about 7 hours to reach in the afternoon, Semliki National park is one of the parks with many habitats ranging from rain forests, Riparian forests to short and high grass savannah. It is also known for its night game drive that reward you with night-time dwellers like the slender mongoose and white tailed mongoose standard and leopards, pennant winged nightjars, hyenas, cats and many more. This is the only place in Uganda where a night drive is done. Have lunch and relax for the evening, have dinner and later go for a Night Game drive at the reserve for it is the only One Wildlife Reserve that offers Night Drives

Day 2: Chimpanzee Tracking, Birding and Hot Springs Visit
After a cup of tea, go down into the spectacular gallery rainforest to track wild chimpanzees. Unlike other Chimp tracking National Parks, Chimps in Semiliki Wildlife Reserve need a little more effort and patience to see them but it’s a guaranty that you will see them in the long run. However, it’s not just the chimps you will see, you will also see a number of apes, though they tend to disappear in the middle of the day. There are also bird species that will catch your attention hence things the make the Reserve an attractive forest. After tracking, have lunch at the accommodation then in the afternoon go enjoy a village walk or have another forest walk were you will go see the famous Hot Springs that are believed by the Locals that they are spiritual and Cultural tires to them.

Day 3: Drive Back To Kampala
Early in the morning, have breakfast enjoy a brief game drive through the Wildlife Reserve were you will see the well know Uganda Kob, among others. With that, you will then head back home that is, drive back to Kampala and reach in the evening. However, if your flight is on this day, then the Game drive will be as brief as possible so that you are in time for your international flight back home.