When one talks of mountaineering or hiking in Uganda, the fast think that comes to any ones minds is mountain climbing and much more hence Uganda’s own Rwenzori Mountains have also been labeled as the 6th most interesting for mountaineering and hiking in the world by UNESCO.

Mountains bring forth a memorable mountaineering and hiking safari opportunity in Uganda with mountains which were gazetted in 1991 as a tourist park and several hikers that have graced them. However, here in Uganda there are tremendous mountain ranges in that present a life span opening for mountaineering.

Alias “the Mountains of the Moon” they are the most challenging of all African mountains making them the favorite for mountaineering and hiking in Africa and also the highest mountain varieties, approximately 120km long and 65 km wide and with 6 enduringly snow capped peaks the highest being about 5109m above sea level is the mountain range, the Elgon, which is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area of any extinct volcano (50km x 80km), with the largest intact caldera (flat top after the volcanic eruption) with also mountain’s slopes that have a diversity of plant, animal and bird species which you will take pleasure in during the hike and mountaineering.

Mountain Elgon was gazetted as a national park and is optimized for hiking and mountaineering with several loops and hiking trails. The mountain has two main trailheads which lead to the mountain peaks. Sasa trail (Budadiri trailhead) is the most easily accessible from Mbale and is the most direct to the peaks. It passes through the park’s largest area of bamboo forest. It is however a steep and rugged climb of over 1600m on the first day. For a gentler hike (660m first day) you may choose to ascend via Piswa trail (Kaptwa trailhead). Along this route you can explore a vast Podocarpus forest, an excellent place for wildlife viewing.

Throughout your hiking voyage you will take pleasure in the diverse natural flora cover along the mountain slopes, from the jungles all the way through the alpine to the snow. There is also a diversity of primates and endemic birds that you might not have seen anywhere else.

You also get to meet the Bakonzo tribe that stays at the lower slopes of the mountain. They are an interesting people that will add to your hiking adventure. The principle the higher you go the cooler it becomes will very much adjoin to your exciting activity as it acquires cooler as you move toward the snow capped peaks.

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