Uganda is blessed with over 1000 aboriginal bird species additionally to those that habitually drift to take refuge here due to dreadful weather conditions and hardship in different parts of the world.

The country has the most favorable year-round climate which is both warm and varying vegetation attached with wetlands which is of course the main reason why it is a favorite spot for a variety of bird species with more than half of Africa’s bird species making it your ultimate birding destination.

Uganda as a birding destination is believed to have high concentration of bird species and has optimized routes for birding with of course well laid out trail networks in the National Parks and other birding spots in the country.

Some of the attention-grabbing bird species take account of shoebill stork, white napped pigeon, king fisher, falcons, eagles, black bee-eater, green-breasted pitta, and Karamoja apalis among others. However, major birding spots in Uganda be full of Mabamba bay wetland, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mabira forest reserve, Budongo forest reserve, Murchison falls N.P, Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki National park and wildlife reserve, Kidepo Valley National Park and Kibale forest national park.

In order for any birder to have memorable birding experience ever in their life, they ought not to miss out the chance of coming to Uganda and see what the country has to offer. We go through the formalities and protocols of getting your park entry permits, arrange for your accommodations if necessary and keep in constant communication with you. AA Adventures prides in delivering to you the best birding guides in Uganda that will bestow you a rewarding birding familiarity in Uganda.