Adrenaline based tours like Bungee Jumping, White water rafting, Kayaking, Boat Ride, and more

Uganda is not just called the Pearl of Africa for formality, she is called tat because of what she has to off to its people and to non residents as far as the tourism industry is concerned. Uganda is an adventurous country and its where and why, we AA Adventures get our name from. Uganda is blessed with a number of actives that will raise any ones adrenaline to the maximum for example White water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Jet boating, just to mention but a few. Pick your choice of adventure safari extras to add to your Uganda safari package. Below are options including white water rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking and kayaking to be added to your wildlife safari itinerary.

The Jet Boating done accommodate several people hence for groups and families that would want to experience an unforgettable experience in Uganda and a must do activity on the adventure list. Jet Boating is an action-packed adventure found only at the source of the Nile in Jinja. Do not miss out on this adrenaline rush as the white waters of the Nile embrace you in unforgettable tour.

River Nile starts its voyage with tranquil and ultimately thrusts into enormous fast-moving water of unreliable water concentration which makes jet boating one of the most thrilling adventures in Jinja. Circumnavigating gigantic rapids and gliding through numerous islands and rocks is quite an experience you can have on the white waters of the Nile can only be done by Cruising all the way through the white waters.

Bungee Jumping is done over the Nile’ presents you a chance to conquer any fear of heights you may have. This 44 meter drop over the Nile offers an exceptional, breath-taking bungee experience. The bungee adrenaline is exhilarating whether you choose to be dangled over the waters or be dipped into the river below. Different themes are wp themes also available for you; you can take ‘a freestyle’; where you can jump alone or you can choose to tower over the river with a friend.

White Water Rafting is another one of Uganda’s best adrenaline adventure destination is found in Bujagali Falls. At an average gush of 1.8 million liters of water per second, the World’s second longest river offers great high grade rapids, excellent for a white water rafting.

Cycling and Mountain Biking captures the feeling of Africa when you are in Uganda because cycling all the way through the rural communities at a laid-back swiftness gives you an imminent into Ugandan rural life, the cultural settings, buildings in the homesteads as well as the plantation farms among others. This will definitely make the cycling understanding and more motivating as well as unforgettable. The experiences could be in Jinja which will most definitely be combined with other adventure activities and the other in Entebbe which can be combined with a nature trail.

Kayaking Adventures are best known in Bujagali Falls where you our client are given an outstanding opportunity to determine all the sections of the second longest River in the world that is Nile River. Your safari may have extras on the main activity hence you may request for it to be added to one of the scheduled safaris. Kayaking is a beautiful activity that will bring you as close a possible to the beauty in Uganda that lies beneath.