Wagtail Eco Safari Camp is a moderate accommodation with a distinctive and gorgeous Welcome to Wagtail Safari Camp hills of Kigezi as you enjoy your camping. You will have a view of the volcanoes, Virunga and the Impenetrable forest.

The lodge is situated in Rubuguri Village the best spotlight for tracking the Nshongi and Nkuringo Gorilla groups. Staying at this lodge will close you to nature as you sleep by the sounds of the birds and still awaken to their beautiful songs.

This safari camp was well designed with local materials, the papyrus and banana fibers have been used for the ceiling. The floor is made of stones and wood furniture to make the place look eco friendly.

Sit and relax at the deck as you wp themes delight in the peaceful morning. The banquets are delicious and well prepared to meet your standards. The staff is friendly and welcome and also entertainment from some local people as you sit around the campfire, all at Wagtail Safari Camp.