Primate Lodge Kibale is located in the hub of Kibale Forest National Park. It’s surreptitiously segregated in the jungle. It’s an exceptional Eco-friendly lodge that has a beautiful Sky Tree House, sumptuous tented camp and the luxury forest cottages.

With 8 tents that are advanced on a wooden platform and private veranda of course a wonderful view of the forest. En-suite bathrooms, large windows for viewing the scenery along with cozy twin beds Apart from the tents, the lodge has luxury cottages secretly located in the forest.

The rooms are spacious with integral bathroom and a veranda where you can sit and relax in the evening. Brave travelers are welcome to spend a thrilling night in the tree house. Right from the house, you can hear trumpets of elephants and on a lucky night, the forest elephants visit the lodge at night.

Walkways to the main lodge are made of ordinary stones that bring out the beauty of the area. The dining area is drudgery and well designed with craft items. Meals are well prepared and by an expert chef. They offer both local and international cuisine. The bar is fully stocked with a wide selection of wines and spirits; you can enjoy a drink as you relax in their comfortable chairs. The lounge is wide open to give a perfect view of the red–tailed monkeys soaring from one branch to another.

Camp fire will be lit to warm you up, you will be entertained by the local people who will sing and dance for you as well. The evening will be worth memorable and enjoyable. As you retire to rest, you will sleep by the calm sounds of nature. Visit the primate lodge and discover the natural wonders of the jungle.