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AA adventures

Our purpose is to make sure you get the best out of your safari tours to Uganda and Rwanda.We specialize in arranging gorilla safaris to Bwindi. Our wildlife safaris cover visits to National parks such as Murchison falls , Kibale, Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth in Uganda.

We have handled a large number of clients over the years, something that makes us well experienced in gorilla tours, chimpanzee trekking, birdwatching and cultural safaris,hiking vacations, white water rafting and nature guided walks.

With the improvement in tourism as well as tourist arrivals, Uganda is increasingly becoming a prefered destination for African safaris. A trip to Uganda will enable you see the mountain gorillas, the tree climbing lions, rwenzori mountains, Uganda kobs, variety of birds, elephants and so much more that you can do a game viewing safari.


3 Day Bwindi gorilla trek

Tracking Mountain Gorillas in Uganda provides a life time experience. Reserve your gorilla permit months before your holiday and witness their unique yet amazing lifestyle.

3 Day tour to Semliki

Semliki valley is the ideal place for birding in Uganda ith numerous bird species. Semliki National park expeditions include forest hiking, primates tours, camping, sempaya hot springs ecosystem trips.

3 Day Lake Mburo

This park is one of Uganda's wildlife safari destinations with a range of large game to see. While on you vacation, you will take part in game viewing tours, birdwatching and guided nature walks or treks.

3 Day Rwanda gorilla tracking

With a chain of seven volcanoes, this park is the ultimate place to track the rare and captivating mountain gorillas.Get a holiday to parc des volcans rwanda at the best price.

3 day gorilla trekking

Enjoy our tailored gorilla adventure in Uganda with AA Adeventures. Track any gorilla family in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and see a diversity of birds and other wildlife while on your trail.

3 Day tour to Kibale forest

Kibale forest is home to a large number of bird species and highest concentration of primates in East Africa; activities include chimpanzee tracking, primates, bird watching, walking safari,camping.

3 Day Queen Elizabeth

Game drives are the major activity for wildlife viewing but by no means should you miss chimpanzee tracking, birding, Ishasha's tree climbing lions, forest walks, a boat launch in the Kazinga Channel.

3 Day Murchison Falls

One of the best Uganda safari to view animals. The launch trip ia a wildlife/birding boat cruise on river Nile up the bottom of Murchison Falls. Game drives and chimp tracking make the trip worthwhile.

5 Day Kibale, Queen elizabeth

On your vacation, AA Adventures will take you to thrilling Kibale forest for Chimpanzee tracking, primate tours, nature walk and to Queen Elizabeth for game drive, launch cruises...

5 Day Safari Kidepo Valley

Kidepo lies in the rugged semi-arid karamoja, is one of the wildest and most spectacular reserves best for bird lovers, site seeing, nature walks, wildlife expeditions and cultural safaris in Uganda

5 Day Murchison falls, Queen elizabeth

Wildlife tours to Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth Uganda for game drives, River Nile boat ride and Kazinga Channel cruises, birding, chimp tracking and tree climbing lions.

5 Day safari Semliki & Queen Elizabeth

Semiliki National Park has got great scenery consisting of hot springs, tropical forests. Queen Elizabeth Park offers grazing grounds for buffaloes, elephants, antelopes and more ...

5 Day Kibale, Bwindi, Lake Mburo

Bwindi Impenetrable forest, kibale, lake mburo national parks offering chimpanzee tracking, hiking, mountain gorilla trekking, walking trails, cultural, birding and eco-tours.

5 Day tour Murchison & Kibale

A vacation to these destinations involves tourist activities like wildlife, chimp tracking, viewing several bird species, launch trips on the nile, nature walks to watch mammals of kibale forest and great lodging.

5 day Tour to Kibale & Semliki

The parks have beautiful and stunning ecosystems in addition to the rich cultures of the people in theese areas. The tours range from budget, midrange to luxury holidays depending on our client's needs.

5 Day Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi

We tailor this 5 day trip to cater for your safari, great gorilla adventures, game viewing expeditions at the lowest costs. that meet your budget and travel needs.

7 Day Uganda Safari

Lets take you there! Our goal is to take you to those amazing and exciting holiday destinations. We offer tailor-made vacations to the pearl of Africa providing beautiful campsites, bandas & accommodation.

7 Day wildlife tour Uganda

AA Adventures takes you to some of the best tourist destinations throughout Uganda including the Islands, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, grasslands to take part in hiking, climbing and fishing.

9 Day wildlife Uganda Safari

Book your East African Safaris, brilliant crater lakes, plenty of wildlife, adrenaline activities and of course the endangered mountain gorillas, Uganda Lodges, Chimpanzee, birding, ecosystem and cultural Tours

10 day best Uganda Safari

As a large-scale seller of Uganda tour packages, we offer a range of high quality day trips and offer you unbeatable prices and unparalleled value. Explore exciting attractions and activities this season.

Found in the Eastern part of the African continent is the location of the “Pearl of Africa” according to Winston Churchill in 1907 when he visited Uganda. Uganda got her independence in 1962, her capital City is Kampala. One of the friendliest Capital cities in East Africa as far as Kenya and Tanzania are concerned. Blessed with one of the best climates amongst all the continents in the world, Uganda is crossed by the equator making it one of the most beautiful countries in the continent with the greenest lands hence savanna pastures.

Uganda has so many scenery that are so striking and beautiful natural resources to offer crammed into what we call tourism, where you will find stunning destinations like National Parks, the splendid weather, the unbelievably beautiful Mammals where you will find that she is blessed with the highest concentration of primates on earth, including the majestic mountain gorilla, chimpanzee, that you will see up close when you make the trip to the country, the source of the enormous Nile that offers the best white-water rafting in the world. Uganda is home-based to the uppermost mountain range in the continent for example the Mountains of the Moon found in one of the beautiful National Parks, that is Rwenzori National Park.

Allusion to Uganda, when anyone talks about this beautiful country today and the first thing they’ll think of is Idi Amin the incredible and creative leader who opened Uganda to the outside world, through constructing a Railway line that eased transportation. But the big man died in exile in 2003. Uganda is a country that has a composition of a variety of splendid fresh food. Stability has returned to most parts of the country and tourists are welcomed with open arms section. Despite the trials and tribulations of the past, Ugandans have weathered the storm remarkably well. Ugandans will willingly offer heart-warming hospitality up and down the country, their ubiquitous smile supplemented by “Hello Mzungu!”

The Weather
One of the most incredible things about Uganda is that you can be visit the country at any time of year since the biggest percentage of the country enjoys the perfect tropical climate. The hottest months are from December to February, otherwise the rest of the months have relatively cool weather with a little rainfall here and there and then.

Country Currency and International
The Ugandan shilling (USh) is a relatively stable currency. Cash can be changed easily at major banks and foreign exchange (forex) bureaus. The forex bureaus compromise to some extent healthier exchange rates than the banks. At both banks and forex bureaus, small of any type of currency be it US dollar bills or Euros; among others attract a much lower exchange rate than do big notes. Exchange rates in Kampala and at the International airport that is Entebbe airport have up to 15% better than is the case elsewhere in the country. Today, some banks offer visa card transactions for example Barclay’s bank, Crane Bank, just to mention but a few.

When you are to visit our beautiful country, you are requiring having a visa. However, the good thing is that you can acquire the Visas are available at all major border crossings, International Airports mainly Entebbe International Airport. For a single or a double-entry visas lawful for up to 3 months cost US$30/60 and US$20/40 if you have student ID which is meant to last 48-hour transit visas cost US$15. On the other hand you can have your visa extended at the immigration offices along Jinja Road, East of central Kampala.

Uganda is blessed with a wide range of wildlife for example Tree climbing Lions, Elephants, Hippos, Giraffes, Birds, Bush pigs, just to mention but a few. More to that, she is blessed with a variety of mammals, to be a little more specific on the number of mammals, it is over 500 species habituated in Uganda alone. The country has an amazing diversity; and with the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the beautiful big five can all be found in the country at anyone destination you may so fit take up as shown on our website.

Home to more than half the world’s mountain gorillas, here in Uganda, you can view these beautiful creatures in their natural environment at anyone of the main destination for visitors. In addition to this, Uganda has quite a number of chimpanzees and there are numerous dwellings where you can go have a one on one with them. Records show that the country is blessed with over 1000 species inside its small borders of Uganda and she is one of the best bird-watching destinations in the world.